About Us

About Us

culminIT is a young and dynamic company that has been successfully operating since 2008.  We mainly operate in Cape Town, but we are able to provide solutions to clients all over South Africa.  

We provide solutions to clients with business, administrative, operational and financial problems.  With our unique combination of multi-disciplinary expertise, we want to claim the tax software market for financial instruments.

Our mission is to provide quality solutions and services in custom software development, data analysis, tax consulting and outsourcing.  We want to maintain our client relationships with integrity, and we want to become the market leaders in providing capital gains tax solutions to financial services companies in South Africa.

We consider ourselves to be subject experts in the field of capital gains tax and 24J calculations, as it pertains to financial instruments.  Our consulting and outsourcing experience in this field allowed us to develop a unique approach that is efficient, cost effective and of high quality.  We have also identified the opportunity to encapsulate our unique approach in a software solution and with this in mind we have established a strong software development team and invested in our software product TaxFusion for a few years.  This product is the culmination of all our experience and expertise in the field of providing tax solutions to financial services clients. 

Another core area of our business is our passion for business processes and supplying our clients with a solution to define and document these processes.  This solution also enables the client to remodel processes that are not functioning optimally.  Our product, BluePrintBI, is now finally ready to become another industry standard.

We believe that we will achieve our goals by focusing on our niche (being subject experts) and delivering quality solutions to our clients.

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