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TaxFusion is a tax integration software solution aimed at environments that process large volumes of financial instruments and that are required to produce accurate and complete taxation information regarding these instruments.  It is designed to address the shortcomings that are traditionally found in the data produced by asset management systems when the data is required for tax purposes.

The many different taxes in South Africa each have their own unique legislative provisions and requirements that are not always fully met by traditional data sources.  TaxFusion acts as a middleware solution between source and tax systems in order to bridge any gaps in the required information.  TaxFusion, however, goes much further than a traditional middleware solution and also provides functionality that facilitates reporting, increases flexibility and delivers a controlled environment to produce the various required tax reports and returns.


Benefits of using TaxFusion

  • Tracks and stores changes in results as a result of reprocessing tax engine calculations.
  • Integrates with multiple data sources and different tax engines.
  • Deals with multiple reporting requirements & formats for different users.
  • Periodic report scheduling.
  • Identification of exceptions in source data by applying rules & patterns.
  • Provides flexibility to deal with exceptions and add/override information.
  • Provides controlled environment.
  • Built with specialist tax knowledge.
  • Stores supporting information on tax treatment of certain assets/transactions and other issues.
  • Built on a scalable platform with latest technology, i.e. SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio .NET.
  • Uninterrupted and scheduled processing is possible.

One of our directors, Casper Steenkamp, has extensive tax consulting experience in the financial sector including experience at one of the big audit firms as a senior tax consultant. He has also completed his Masters degree in Taxation.

Our services around the taxation of financial instruments therefore extend further than our software solutions. It also includes the following consulting services:

  • the audit of the calculations produced by tax solutions;
  • the preparation of data and the migration thereof to a tax software solution;
  • the preparation of a detailed specifications for in-house tax software solutions;
  • the preparation of correspondence with SARS regarding interpretation issues;
  • the preparation of test packs for tax software solutions;
  • providing an outsourced service for the calculations of tax figures on a periodic basis (as required);
  • the monitoring of new legislation and the assessing of the impact thereof on tax solutions;
  • presenting new legislation changes in a seminar to tax system users; and
  • providing corporate action information for the proper classification and treatment of transactions.

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