Tax Solutions

Tax Consulting

The people at culminIT have been involved in tax projects for more than 10 years at major financial institutions. Our involvement include the following:

  • Preparation of data for CGT/S24J calculations.
  • Detailed involvement in the specification and development of CGT/S24J solutions.
  • Communication with SARS regarding contentious issues.
  • CGT/S24J calculations on a month-to-month and annual basis.
  • Exposure to financial instruments, including equities, options, futures and Section 24J instruments.

One of our directors has extensive tax consulting experience at one of the big 5 accounting firms and completed his Masters degree in Taxation. He has the rare combination of knowledge and experience in this relatively new field of specialisation.

We monitor and consult on relevant tax legislation changes. These can be presented in a workshop, or any other format to our clients.