Import and Export different source data files

SourceFusion is a product specifically geared towards integrating various sources of data with differing formats.

The system allows you to import and export data files from and into configurable file formats.  The tool enables you to convert and map data from one format into another.  It is especially useful when integrating two systems/databases that are unrelated and each have a set export/import functionality that you can correlate independently.

This product can be used stand-alone and only requires a SQL database to store imported data in various stages.

Some key features include:

  • Extremely fast importing of data.
  • Imported data can be mapped to various output targets.
  • Automated windows service that can be executed on a schedule to perform tasks.
  • Keep history of changes made in the system for audit purposes.
  • Extensible for future additions of data sources and targets.
What's Next