Do your systems talk business?

Business Intelligence (BI) can be defined in many ways, but at culminIT it refers to computer-based techniques that present business information and data in a way that supports the decision-making process.

People drive performance and the business will perform when decision-makers are receiving the necessary information at the right time to support their decisions.

Business Intelligence provides information to the correct person at the correct time and in a useful format. This should be applied at strategic, operational and tactical levels in the organisation.

Microsoft has embraced this vision and has provided users with various tools that can be utilised for this purpose. With these tools we can create solutions that increase productivity in a familiar environment, such as Excel.  It also enables users to create their own BI solutions and improves sharing of information by end-users.

Understanding how your business is performing at all times is critical to staying focused, effective, and profitable in today’s challenging economic times. And by being able to quickly pinpoint and act on trends, you can more effectively find new customers and uncover new opportunities.

New features and functionality provided by Microsoft that enable developers to build integrated, efficient, user-friendly business solutions fast, is the breaking of a new dawn. culminIT is already exploring and exploiting some of the possibilities with these new solutions.

What's Next