Consulting experience for all your tax needs

The people at culminIT have been involved in tax projects and consulting at major financial institutions since 2001.
  • The process must consider that taxation has its own concepts and complexities;
  • Tax expert involvement is required throughout the process;
  • The process must be flexible in order to deal with exceptions;
  • The necessary controls must be in place to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the results;
  • Manual intervention must be kept to a minimum; and
  • A full audit trail must be kept.

Our services around the taxation of financial instruments therefore extend further than our software solutions. It also includes the following consulting services:

  • the audit of the calculations produced by tax solutions;
  • the preparation of data and the migration thereof to a tax software solution;
  • the preparation of a detailed specifications for in-house tax software solutions;
  • the preparation of correspondence with SARS regarding interpretation issues;
  • the preparation of test packs for tax software solutions;
  • providing an outsourced service for the calculations of tax figures on a periodic basis (as required);
  • the monitoring of new legislation and the assessing of the impact thereof on tax solutions;
  • presenting new legislation changes in a seminar to tax system users; and
  • providing corporate action information for the proper classification and treatment of transactions.
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