Efficient, Cost Effective and Of High Quality

Our consulting and outsourcing experience in the field of tax calculations on financial instruments allowed us to develop a unique approach that is efficient, cost effective and of high quality.

The calculation of capital gains tax (CGT) and 24J results for financial instruments are both highly complex areas. The complexity brings a high level of risk that needs to be meticulously managed. The risk is also elevated by the fact that CGT results in general cannot be reconciled directly to accounting information.

To deal with the high risk levels and to ensure accurate and complete results we have developed a methodology to produce CGT, 24J and Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) results that is built around the following core principles:

  • The process must take into account that taxation has its own concepts and complexities;
  • Tax expert involvement is required throughout the process;
  • The process must be flexible in order to deal with exceptions;
  • The necessary controls must be in place to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the results;
  • Manual intervention must be kept to a minimum; and
  • A full audit trail must be kept.

Our approach to be subject experts of the products and services where we are involved, distinguish us from many other software development companies that rely on their clients and user groups to provide them with specifications for their systems and changes to systems.

Our discipline and attention to detail ensure that we can produce complete and accurate CGT, 24J and DWT results in all our outsourcing projects.

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